Frequently Asked Questions

No-nonsense answers to questions we've received from painting professionals just like you.

Cover Your Bases

Improve the accuracy of your colors with the right gray shade of undercoat.

One-Two Punch: Peel Away and Duration® Combo is a Residential Restoration Knockout

The challenge: Preparing a two-story farm house, built in 1833, for a fresh paint job by stripping the exterior to bare wood — without damaging the underlying cedar substrate.

Q & A Household Mold

What Painters Need To Know

Paint Quality

Everybody wants it. Here's how you get it.

Coating Concrete for Color, Style and Protection

Cost-effective, sturdy, versatile — it's no wonder the use of concrete in commercial and residential construction is increasing.From gracious lobbies to countertops, concrete can be intricately textured, colored and patterned for a multitude of strikingly beautiful uses.

Victory Over Vinyl

Removing vinyl siding — while requiring careful and often extensive prep work — is a viable business opportunity for all painting contractors.