Sherwin-Williams Design Council

Sherwin-Williams partners with interior designers to share color expertise and provide inspiration. Browse below to see our 2021 design partners’ favorite Sherwin-Williams hues and projects.


Michel is the founder of the Atlanta-based design firm Michel Smith Boyd Interiors. Renowned for its distinctive, cultivated and soulful vibe, Michel’s work has received countless accolades, including being recognized as one of the Top 20 African American Designers in the country. He is also the star of the hit Bravo TV show, “Buying It Blind.”


Laura is an award-winning interior designer, best known for her timeless and collected aesthetic. Her eponymous firm, Laura U Design Collective, is headquartered in Aspen, Colorado, and Houston, Texas. As a “wholistic” studio, Laura U specializes in high-end residential design from the ground up. A native Houstonian, Laura splits her time between Texas and a primary residence in Aspen, where she lives with her husband, Michael, and twin daughters, Liv and Ryan.


Beth is the owner and principal designer of Beth Diana Smith Interior Design, a full service interior design firm that brings collected-meets-refined style and unparalleled efficiency to a variety of project types. She prides herself on her bold, eclectic style and is adept at crafting inspired residential and commercial designs. She is proudly a founding member of the Black Artists + Designers Guild and a member of the NYSID DEI.


John is the principal designer of John McClain Design with offices in Los Angeles, California, and Orlando, Florida. He is a pro at marrying the luxe sophistication of Hollywood Regency & Art Deco with the simplicity of mid-century modern in his design – all fused with a fresh and current elegance. In 2016, John launched his own furnishings collection, John McClain Home.


In 2018, Eneia launched the Eneia White Interiors design firm, based in New York, that has a roster of residential and commercial clients across the U.S. Residing and practicing design across the country has given Eneia a unique perspective into how culture, location and environment shapes her clients’ lifestyle and needs.


Kerrie is the founder and creative director of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, a residential design firm based in Sacramento, California. Kerrie is a fellow, chair-elect to the National Board and chair to the Foundation Board of Trustees for the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).


Candace is the founder of Candace Mary Interiors, an interior design firm based in Detroit, Michigan. Candace has an innate ability to highlight the personality of each space. She believes that it is more than just the aesthetic, but rather the feeling you get when connecting with a home you love. She is now residing in Evanston, Illinois, with her wife and her dog.